Brazilian Street Carnaval
Thank You!
Photo from the event

Thanks from SambaLa President, David de Hilster

Where do I start?

The 13th edition of the Brazilian Street Carnaval was quite certainly our best event ever thanks to the cooperation and hard work of so many people. We will try to thank them here.

To the musicians.

Renni Flores: for the incredible samba song and voice you gave SambaLa and the Rio-Style Parade.

Rodney D'Assis: a TRUE mestre of the bateria who put together the arrangement and the largest bateria for SambaLa to date. You are taking the SambaLa bateria to new heights! And this is just the start!

SambaLa Bateria: You are dedicated and work hard year-round doing shows, practicing countless hours, and it is starting to show! You truly are the heart-beat of the school and are rising to each new occasion with bigger and better performances.

Chris Brazil: Thanks for DJing during the event. Your family is wonderful and your daughter's impromptu show was amazing!

Thanks to the bands and groups including SambaLa Samba School, Campbell Hall Bateria, Kleber Jorge, Zumba Jam, Natalia & Daniel and the New Cycle Band, TMA Music, the Intercultural L.A. Samba Kids, Cupim do Samba, Made in Bahia, Samba 4 U, Raiz Brazil, Zouk Lambada, Swing Brazil, Aquarela from San Francisco, Swing Brazil, and the Self Enlightenment Institute.

To our dancers...

Madrinha Valeria Ruggieri: As always leading and setting an example from the top samba dancer of SambaLa! No one can touch your level of grace, dancing, and overall style as a sambista. There are very few that can be call a "true" sambista and you are one of them.

Rainha Jonia McClenney: Wow! What a costume and show! Having you for another year is a great honor. Parabens! Demais!

Princesses Nia and Jeane: Congrats on your first parade as princesses!

Musa Simoninha: Arrasou! It was one of the most natural decisions to appoint you Carnaval Muse of SambaLa! You are the best by far! No one can compete with you and we hope you stay many years as the Muse!

Paulo "So Alegria": Thanks for your help in DJing in our pre-carnaval events and representing the guys on the float with all those ladies.

Jander Figueira: Always our top male sambista and long-time member of SambaLa.

Maija Hunter and Brian Villalobos: Thanks Maija and Brian for holding our flag and dancing and representing SambaLa in the parade. Incredible dancing and of course, Doris' incredible costumes!

Helena Lewak & Bacari: Thanks to for carrying the American and Brazilian Flag in our parade and putting on a SHOW!

Thanks to ALL our passistas and dancers for an incredible show of dancing and costume!

Thanks to all our sponsors!

Contemporanea and Roberto: Thanks for the best drums on the planet! The T-Shirts were incredible and thanks for getting them to us on time on such notice!

Igor Leal & D'Samba: Beautiful T-Shirt design! You are truly and all-around artist and the T-Shirts were the best SambaLa has ever hand by far!

Mesa Environment: To Joe and Jessica and their entire family. Incredible people. This event could not have happened without you.

Samba Collection: Thanks for all the money and materials and time you put into the costumes. You raise the standard of SambaLa's look which could never help you

Josy Events: for all your hard work before and during the event. Thanks Josy and Tom!

To our SambaLa Members and family...

Ivone & Rick Shatto and Family: Thanks so so much for your tireless work all day with the door and the T-Shirts There is no way that this event could have run without you. Thank you, thank you!

Chris & Vania Kapper: thanks for the generous donation of time, talent, and money for the event. You are family through and through!

Self-Enlightenment Institute: Thanks for the incredible new Axe ala and all the help your members and family gave us before and during the event. You truly provide a solid spiritual foundation for all of us!

Leila Furumasu: to the best group of costumes and largest ala of kids we have ever had at SambaLa and the Brazilian Street Carnaval. They were incredible.

Monica Fusic and Silvania: Thanks so much for your dedication, work, and caring!

Bob & Nilse: Thanks to Bob and Nilse who help out all year round and on the day and to Nilse for being our head-baiana and organizing the group each year. This year was the best baianas ever!

William Dalzell III: Congrats on your recognition by the Mayor of Long Beach for your years of dedication in promoting the culture of carnaval world-wide. Also thanks for your help on the phones and credentials the week before and with the credentials on the day of the event. A true king and gentleman!

Costume Helpers: Doris and Luzia could not have gotten 1/2 of what was done if it were not for the countless helpers in the weeks before Carnaval. It takes more than creativity to make the beautiful costumes and you put in the hard hours to make it happen.

Luzia Arnold, Assistant Carnavalesca: you truly are the right-hand of Doris. Doris could not do the costumes and the carnaval without you!

Doris de Hilster: What can anyone say about you? The costumes each year go beyond our imagination. This year's Baianas were absolutely astounding! And the new porta-bandeira, and the Axe Ala and so many of the dancers with your costumes! All the 3-4 hour sleep days you have for weeks before the event and the thousands of dollars of money Samba Collection puts into SambaLa Samba School is beyond comprehension at times. All we can say is that your costumes make the parade and event! And oh yea, you are co-director of the event taking care of booths, meeting coordination, and countless other tasks. Are you sure you are not 12 people?

All of the SambaLa Family & Founding Members: This event is not David and Doris but the cooperation, sweat, and creativity of well over 100 people. That is what makes this an event.

To anyone I missed, please accept our grandest thanks!

To all of our partners listed above with their logos! Thank you all!

And thanks to anyone we have not mentioned here. There were so many that we can't begin to thank them all!


David de Hilster
SambaLa President
From the Self Enlightenment Institute

From the Self Enlightenment Institute

Dear Dóris, David de Hilster, and SambaLA team:

We have no words to express our gratitude for the amazing opportunity you provided us with this last Sunday to honor the Afro-Brazilian culture in such a remarkable event as the Brazilian Street Carnaval in Long Beach.

We wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful work of art you have put together in this effort to portray the beauty of our culture.

It was an honor for us to be there with you, and it will always be a pleasure to be part of this initiative that we so admire.

Thank you very much,

Paulo Antonio (Babalorixá)
Thanks from Viver Brasil

From Viver Brasil

Dear David and Doris,

Many of my Santa Monica College Brazilian dance class students attended your carnival and were just thrilled to have witnessed such a great event.


Badaro is in Japan through September 26 and Viver Brasil is getting ready for our national tour so our Sundays are jam packed.

You should be very proud of the work that you have developed in Long Beach.

Hopefully one day Viver Brasil will be able to participate as well.
Again, you are to be congratulated. We totally know the incredible preparation and financial undertaking this entails!

With respect and admiration

Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró

Thank You!
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